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I’ve been thinking for a while about making videos: I spend way too much time doing very amusing stuff that no one else really gets to see, and I’m trying to change that by creating a place to talk freely about these things. The point really is to share what I’ve been learning, to keep track of what I’m doing (like an actual log - very important!), and to motivate me to keep at it.

So I did it!

(watch it on youtube)

In the past I’ve fiddled with video, but never got beyond the first 3 or so videos in a series. That’s another ghost I want to kill: I want to know how it feels to get further than that.

Anyway, the goal (aside from learning and having fun) is to figure out what aspects of my work resonate the most with people. To figure this out, I want to avoid doing stuff that can’t somehow be shown or documented, and this is one attempt - I’ve also been posting IGTV videos jamming out. So yeah… basically throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks (tell me if it did!)

It’s important though to find things that don’t take too much time, so these viable options for now. For those who want to know: I’m shooting through OBS with my phone as an http camera (CamON), and editing stuff on Kdenlive. By the way: why is every single video editing software complete garbage? I’ve tried honestly dozens at this point

In the meantime…

🥥 zelo’s been put in the freezer. again. No big deal, I’ll eventually get to it, but I really should be focusing on other stuff right now. During this time, percussions will be recorded again with higher quality, which is great! That said, there is still some material coming out soon (maybe…): I’ve been mixing some cuts from jams with Kim and Nomura (I fucking miss those), and it sounds pretty nice.

🌞 Google Summer of Code is ending this month, which is kinda sad. I’m applying for jobs again, so I can safely afford therapy and maybe even move out again, which I really miss. On the other hand the project is pretty damn close to done. I’m working on bringing the web editor to mobile, and it’s all coming together now: you can load, save, edit and run sketches, change your preferences and even download files. And, it looks bomb 💣 Can’t wait to see it online!!

⚡ I bought an axoloti! It’s an amazing and totally programmable sound thing. It’s absolute weirdo gear: You can make a synth, drum machine, sequencer or FX module out of it, or anything you want, really, the only limitation being its IO (Midi and Stero in/out and USB midi). Hasn’t arrived yet, but I was very frustrated about not having my model:cycles until December, so I decided to get it in the meantime, since it’s an affordable module (it did turn out kinda expensive though).

🔗 I’ve been studying blockchain a lot lately! Yes, I bought into the hype. Web3 is such an interesting piece of technology, it’s hard to not be fascinated. I’m currently playing around with ethereum smart contracts and would love to get some tips from more experienced devs. For now it’s only about learning, but maybe in the future, something will come out of it? That’s for the future.

Uni resumes this week, and no one’s really sure how it’s gonna be, but probably not great, given the circumstances.

I miss people. Like, I’ve been feeling my relationship with friends kind of dim lately, and I’m not sure it’s just due to quarantine. I wonder if other people feel the same, too.

So yeah

Just a quick update. Does something make you curious about music, code, sound engineering or synth stuff? Let me know 👇🏾 Maybe I can make a video about it

Thanks for reading ❤