Thales Grilo



TCHOSE is a 6-track experimental electronic album, a collaboration with composer Munha da 7 (Satanique Samba Trio). The album is very nonsensical in nature, but it showcases many interesting, experimental composition ideas in a fun and playground-ish way./art/p

My favorite track, by far, is Fivni. I had the chance to compose this piece using an actual Shamisen. I wrote a couple phrases in it, and from there the process was very natural. Some of my favorite timbres were thrown into the mix (digital / chiptune synths, drum machine loops and latin percussion), and frankly they blended together beautifully, creating a very colorful and compelling landscape. Munha brought some interesting melodic ideas to the table, which inspired me to write the bridge harmony (which later becomes the final solo base harmony). I was stunned with the results, I stil love this song very very much.

The cover art was gently provided by brilliant musician, composer and graphic designer Matheus Mota (As Palavras Voam), as a nonsensical parody / homage to Transa, one of the greatest and most celebrated releases in brazilian music.