Thales Grilo


Algorave Brasil

The Algorave Brasil community is a space for researching, learning together and sharing experience on live-coding and creative coding practice on a national scale. The space is dedicated to welcoming newcomers with varying skill levels

Since 2019, I’ve been involved in starting the Algorave Brasil collective, creating the community homepage, devising means for communication and self-organisation, performing, organising events and welcoming / mentoring newcomers.

From a technical point of view, building a website for Algorave Brasil has involves a few domain-specific requirements. Most notably, we want newcomers to feel comfortable:

  1. Proposing and making changes to the codebase
  2. Adding content to the platform independently

The page has been built using Astro and Decap (similar to this very site you’re reading now 😉), which I find quite fantastic for content-driven websites. This stack solves (2) quite effectively, by providing a nice CMS and storing content in markdown. Markdown is an easy format to work with, so even commiting new content via git becomes easy for someone without web development experience. Finally, Astro is a friendly templating engine with good documentation. This means making changes to the actual layout and styles is also relatively simple.

Since the creation of the group, there have been yearly instances of the Algorave Brasil event, meaning the collective has achieve its goal of promoting local live-coding to national reach!