Thales Grilo



IGOR is a Role-Playing Game Assistance app, developed as part of the Mobile App Development course at the University of Brasilia. It’s a fun toy project through which I learned a few new tricks on React-Native and Redux.

Once logged in, the user can access its campaigns, sessions for each campaign and even play combat through the app.

Combat mechanics vary widely depending on the underlying RPG system, so trying to create a combat mechanic for the game could be very limiting for the user - unless the system complies to the IGOR combat system, there is really not much use for the app. The solution is to create a completely agnostic system, based on key conceps which never change:

The aim was to let players configure their own systems in-game, which are stored in firebase, and the app takes care of the gameplay, but sadly the project has been abandoned. Still, it was a fun project to learn mobile development with.