Thales Grilo


Nômade Lab

Nômade Lab is a Brasília-based collective of improvisational digital phono-visual art, which blends computer-generated sound and images through computer tools. The group is comprised of several people, with close ties to the LAPPIS, the Calango Hacker Club and the MidiaLab/UnB (Multimedia Laboratory of the University of Brasília) research groups, and the deCurators and MixMidia galleries.

It also employs a wide variety of live-coding languages - TidalCycles, SuperCollider, Sonic Pi, FoxDot Pure Data and Hydra - and other tools - VCV Rack, SunVox, LMMS, Magic Music Visuals and ProjectM. One key aspect of the collective is the willingness to always learn and explore different tools, with an emphasis on the open-source and community-made software.

The group made numerous performances in 2019. Notably, Enantiodromia (linked below) - a musical performance to accompany an installation by Milton Marques - world-fame visual artist and PIPA 2010 nominee. Hosted by Galeria Alfinete, and devised by Phil Jones, the piece happens in four acts:

  1. A personal composition titled Torque
  2. An untitled ambience intervetion by Krishna
  3. A composition by Eufraktus titled KronUs
  4. An Outro titled momentum

Other performances include:

And also performed in several galleries across Brasília:

I got involved through the MidiaLab/Unb - the place that got me in touch with many digital arts researchers. My first introduction to practical live-coding was through Alexandre Rangel (DPhil), creator of the quasecinema VJ software and researcher at the Laboratory, who introduced me to Sonic Pi. Shortly thereafter I became heavily invested in TidalCycles, and then FoxDot.

For more information and dates, check out our website